Where your donations went...

The trustees have asked me to write to you and your colleagues at Star Trust to thank them for their efforts and generosity in providing us with a grant to purchase medical equipment for the Caythorpe & Ancaster Medical Practice. The equipment has now been delivered and is operational. The doctors and the medical staff are very appreciative of your efforts and would welcome an opportunity to show you and your colleagues around the surgery and demonstrate the equipment. It will really make a difference and have a positive impact on many lives. This equipment will enhance the service provided by the medical practice and prove invaluable for the diagnosis and treatment of the 9,039 patients that the practice looks after. In this rural Lincolnshire practice some 49% of patients are over the age of 66 so the healthcare provided by the medical practice proves to be an ever important factor in their lives. By improving the capabilities of our medical practice we in turn reduce the pressures on an overstretched NHS. This equipment will ensure that where possible these patients can be treated locally and speedily avoiding the delay and travel that can be the consequence of a having these procedures dealt with at a resource challenged local NHS hospital many miles away. Once again we thank you for your support, will keep you updated with our progress and would look forward to an opportunity of working together in the future.

Caythorpe & Ancaster Medical Equipment Trust

Jonathan Edwards

On behalf of everyone at Wenlo, riders, volunteers and supporters, we would like to thank you all very much for the desperately needed replacement portable cabin and also for arranging disposal of our old porta cabin. You have made an impossible task for Wenlo possible, as a project this large would have been too costly for us as a small local charity. By donating this portable cabin you have provided a warm, bright, safe and secure space for Wenlo to use including an office, important storage, teaching space and an area for riders to prepare for their riding lessons. This really is a wonderful gift to Wenlo and will benefit so many riders, their families and volunteers immediately, but also long into the future. Your donation really does make a huge difference to us and it is greatly appreciated.

Wenlo RDA

Susan Tomkins

On behalf of everyone at the Children's Bereavement Centre, I would like to thank you for your thoughtful and generous donation of £2,180. Thank you also to Lisa who took the time to visit the centre to present the cheque. The money will be used to support our outreach volunteers and in turn will enable them to support more children and young people. Once again thank you for your continued support.

Children’s Bereavement Centre

Kate Baxter

On behalf of the Children's Bereavement Centre, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Star Trust for the very kind and generous donation of £7,500 towards volunteer expenses. Your funding will enable the Children's Bereavement Centre to offer, through the use of bereavement support volunteers, access to the service to many more children and their families. It will also enable us to train more volunteers to work in the outreach areas which is so important for the ongoing, much needed growth of the charity. Once again thank you for your support towards our organisation.

Children’s Bereavement Centre

Amanda Brett

Many thanks for your email of 16 December. On behalf of The Ear Foundation I would just like to reiterate how lovely it was to see Kelly and Lisa last Monday, and we are over the moon here that the Star Trust are supporting our work with deaf adults who are using the latest hearing technologies. The extremely generous donation of £13,100.00 will make a significant difference to our work here and we can't thank you enough.

The Ear Foundation

Sue Archbold

On behalf of the Winter Shelter Steering Group I would like to thank the Star Trust for your kind donation of £22,241. Your generosity ensures that Emmanuel House can meet the needs of homeless people in Nottingham, not only during the coldest months of the year in our Night Shelter, but everyday so that we will always be able to offer hope and a way forward for those who find themselves on the streets. We enjoyed receiving your trustees during their good practice visit, it was good to meet them. If anyone would care to visit the shelters in operation then we would like to warmly receive you.

The Nottingham Winter Shelter

Alastair Paylor

Further to your recent visit to present a donation in the amount of £2,308.88, we would like to thank you for this most generous donation, please accept this letter as an official receipt for your records. It was lovely to meet with yourself and James again and we would like to thank you for taking the time out to come and find out more about our hospice and how we care for people at the end of their life throughout Nottinghamshire. Please extend our thanks to the committee at The Star Trust for all your support, it really is extremely appreciated and valued. We look forward to being able to refurbish the room so that our patients have an additional space in which to retreat to, somewhere which will provide a calm and quiet space. We know that it will be much used and much loved by our patients and we could only make this happen with your help. We look forward to updating you further with how your donation has made a difference to the patients and families who use our services, and will be in touch to let you know when the 'official' of the room will be. Once again, thank you for your support and if you could please pass on our gratitude to the trustees of The Star Trust we would be very grateful.

Nottinghamshire Hospice

Samantha Billington

I am writing to you to acknowledge the receipt of your donation to Literacy Volunteers in Nottinghamshire Schools. Your support is of great importance to us and more importantly, to the children we are able to help with the funds you have supplied. This will enable us to help more children discover the joys that reading and good communication can bring.

Literacy Volunteers

Dawn Claypole

On behalf of the Trustees, staff and families at Steps I would like to personally thank you and everyone who supported the Star Trust Ball for the kind donation of £12,300.00. This is such a phenomenal amount of money to be given and we are extremely grateful. The donation from yourselves is greatly appreciated by us all at Steps, and will not only help in our mission to raise funds to continue our vital service in bringing conductive education to the children and families from across the East Midlands who rely on our help, but also to enable us to bring in another member of staff to our team on a part time basis. As you are aware, we need to raise £200,000 each year to continue to run Steps and with your help we can make this possible. The service that we give is free and so gratefully appreciated by those who attend and we make sure we make every pound contributed count. To receive a donation such as this is very much appreciated.


Trish Edwards