About The Star trust

Who we are...

Star Trust is the creation of locally-based entrepreneurs and business owners, with a huge passion for fundraising through the hosting of unique “must attend” events. Our extensive fundraising throughout the year allows us to help many charities in the East Midlands by providing them with much-needed funds.

The Star Trust patrons and board combined have a wealth of business experience across many sectors. Star Trust uses this expertise to deliver exceptional events raising over £100,000 every year, which is being continually shared between multiple worthwhile causes. Star Trust does not take any form of expense or remuneration, leaving every last penny raised to aid these charities.

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Making a difference together

Star Trust money makes a real difference to good causes across five East Midlands counties.





What makes the Star Trust different?

We are all unpaid volunteers from private sector enterprises bringing a wealth of commercial, operational, and financial experience from private and corporate businesses.

We have an extensive network of contacts to add value to projects and source the most cost-effective solutions to charity needs thus not wasting money donated.

We apply a business rationale around all applications applying the same due diligence we would to any project undertaken by our own businesses.

Why us?

We do not discriminate nor focus on any particular charity sector. This means we can assist every area of need and also assist charities that find it difficult to raise funding because of the sensitivity and nature of their work.

We only assist SME-style charities from the East Midlands and try to focus on the ones with the greatest need, sustainability, longevity, and impacting the maximum number of lives possible.

We do not waste money on any of our own overhead and operating costs as all are donated by board members free of charge. We ensure every pound we raise other than a modest £20,000 reserve is deployed and appraised for cost-effectiveness.



“On behalf of the Winter Shelter Steering Group I would like to thank the Star Trust for your kind donation of £22,241. Your generosity ensures that Emmanuel House can meet the needs of homeless people in Nottingham, not only during the coldest months of the year in our Night Shelter, but everyday so that we will always be able to offer hope and a way forward for those who find themselves on the streets.”

Supported Charities Timeline

A full list of East Midlands charities the Star Trust has supported since it was founded in 2013, and how our donations have helped make a difference.


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