Private Opportunities for Star Trust

How you can help

Getting involved with Star Trust offers you opportunities to support a wide and varied range of smaller East Midlands-based charities.

When you sponsor the Star Trust, 100% of your donation is used to assist charities. As we don’t have any overheads, your money is safeguarded by our due diligence and commercial processes.


The various ways in which you could assist are:

  • Personal donations that can be general fund or ring-fenced for a specific charity benefit.
  • Personal fundraising such as marathon running to raise funds for the charity.
  • Personal charity involvement and support.

All our charities have been carefully vetted to ensure they really need our support and their application is valid. They are always either registered charities or Not for Profit organisation of a SME style, or and are based in and offer support in the East Midlands.


“Further to your recent visit to present a donation in the amount of £2,308.88, we would like to thank you for this most generous donation.We look forward to being able to refurbish the room so that our patients have an additional space in which to retreat to, somewhere which will provide a calm and quiet space. We know that it will be much used and much loved by our patients and we could only make this happen with your help.”

Get Involved

To speak to one of our committee members or arrange a meeting to talk about our private opportunities, contact us at 01400 283 224, or email:

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