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From our own experiences, we know how often businesses are approached to help different charities and that isn’t always possible. Star Trust offers you the perfect solution by providing a conduit through which to direct charity requests straight to us.

Donation requests annually are higher than what we can currently raise from our events thus we create a peak and trough income stream after each event. Corporate donors will create a stable income enabling us to deliver funding straight away to the people who need it urgently without delay.

Testimonials from charities prove that thousands of lives are impacted and improved each year by our funding.

The Star Trust is the perfect vehicle to assist with your Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

CSR Opportunities - We need you

Why should your business support the Star Trust?

As a business operating in the East Midlands region, we hope you might consider supporting the Star Trust for several reasons:

1. Enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility: Supporting The Star Trust can boost and assist your corporate social responsibility efforts. By partnering with a well-established charity that helps people and communities in need, you will demonstrate your company’s commitment to making a positive impact in the region.

2. Building Stronger Communities: Your company will contribute to building stronger communities in the East Midlands through supporting The Star Trust. The charity works with a massive network of local charities and organisations to provide support to vulnerable individuals and families in the region, which can create a ripple effect of positive change in the community for all to benefit.

3. Networking Opportunities: Partnering with The Star Trust can provide you with valuable networking opportunities. The charity works with a range of businesses, organisations, and HNW individuals in the region, which could lead to new partnerships and collaborations that benefit your business.

4. Employee Engagement: Supporting The Star Trust could help to boost employee engagement, fulfilment and morale. By providing opportunities for employees to get involved with charitable activities and events, the company can foster a sense of purpose and pride among its workforce assisting those less fortunate.

5. Corporate Involvement: You have the opportunity to be included in the selection and donation process, attendance of charity due diligence visits, cheque presentations, fundraising events throughout the year and also staff interaction in charity work.

6. Bridging the gap: We can be a conduit for you for direct charity funding requests as well as having the flexibility to ringfence funding to meet your funding strategies.

By supporting The Star Trust, your company can demonstrate its commitment to making a positive impact in the East Midlands region, contribute to building stronger communities, and potentially gain valuable networking and employee engagement opportunities.

Why us?

We operate in an entrepreneurial way, focused on the most effective deployment of funds creating the best impact possible and measured for result.

We do not discriminate or focus on any particular charity sector. This means we can assist every area of need and also assist charities that find it difficult to raise funding because of the sensitivity and nature of their work.

We only assist SME style charities from the East Midlands and try to focus on the ones with the greatest need, sustainability, longevity and impacting the maximum number of lives possible.

We do not waste money on any of our own overhead and operating costs as all are donated by board members free of charge. We ensure every pound we raise other than a modest £20,000 reserve is deployed and appraised for cost effectiveness.

Local community support

Your decision to become a corporate donor to work with the Star Trust in the East Midlands would be a significant one, demonstrating your commitment to supporting the local community and making a positive impact in the region. It will also provide the Star Trust with a valuable corporate partner that can help to amplify its impact and reach even more people in need.

Overall, this is a great news story that highlights the power of corporate social responsibility and the impact that businesses can have on their local communities.


“I am writing to you to acknowledge the receipt of your donation to Literacy Volunteers in Nottinghamshire Schools. Your support is of great importance to us and more importantly, to the children we are able to help with the funds you have supplied. This will enable us to help more children discover the joys that reading and good communication can bring.”

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