Three high profile events for 2018

MIDLANDS-BASED charity Star Trust has announced its three high profile events for the year – ranging from jewellery and cars to motoring days and a glittering ball in the East Midlands.

Star Trust is the creation of locally-based entrepreneurs and business owners with a passion for fundraising for local charities. The charity’s fundraising throughout the year helps many charities in the East Midlands by providing them with much-needed just 4 years it has donated £480,000 to 40 different charities 

The first event will be held on 21 April at Porsche Nottingham. Called Spectacular Sparkles & Supercars, the evening event will feature dinner live entertainment and music. It is on this night that Star Trust members expect to surprise their £500,000 fundraising target.

The second event on 9 May will be the Supercar Driving Day hosted at the Aston Martin factory and will be fast paced right the way through. Participants on the day will be able to get behind the wheel of an Aston Martin and find out more about this iconic brand.

Chairman of Star Trust Steve Hampson said: “Everyone involved with Star Trust is really looking forward to welcoming our esteemed guests to these unique events. It is a great way in which we can not only have a fantastic day out. But to also raise a lot of money for charities that are in need of help.”

Star Trust hosts events throughout the year in order to raise money. Charites in need of funding can apply for a grant from the Star Trust and the committee comes together to make a decision. The trust has raised nearly £500,000 for Midlands charities needing extra financial support.

Steve added: “It is a great feeling for all involved when we can sit down with local charities and tell them that they have been successful in securing funds from the Star Trust. We want to give back to the local area and we shall continue to do so and we look forward to giving more money to these great causes.”

The third event of the year will be held on 17 November at Stapleford Park and will be another glamorous occasion. The setting will provide the guests with the chance to drive the latest Lamborghini and Bentley cars courtesy of the Leicester dealership and experience a truly memorable night. Star Trust expects to raise a significant sum to continue to help and support the charities that need it most.

Start tTust have supported many charities in recent years. These include Steps, PASIC, Forever Stars, Emmanuel House, The Child Bereavement Centre and more. Star Trust are always looking at new potential charities to donate to.   

Previous events have been held at prestigious venues such as Graypaul Nottingham and the Supercar motoring day held last June at the scenic Thornbridge Hall. Located in the heart of the peak district, guests were welcomed to outstanding views of the English countryside. Accompanied by performance cars from Porsche, Maserati and Ferrari.       

The Star Trust was founded in 2013 and currently has 12 dedicated committee members.

For more information about the events and how to attend see the website link here