Nottingham charity, the Rainworth and Blidworth detached youth project, can now fund their children’s’ play scheme.

The Children’s’ play scheme was created for children aged 5-12 during the school holidays, to provide a safe place for young people to access informal education, have fun together and make friends.

Claire Penny, chief executive officer of the charity said: “The Detached Youth Project is so very grateful for the kind donation made by the Star Trust in support of our youth & play work programme.

We know it will have a significant impact on the diversity of activities and the quality of the resources we provide and we are looking forward to seeing the difference it will make to the local children and their families”.

The charity’s aim is to encourage and empower young people to achieve their full potential through youth clubs, play schemes and advocacy, as well as apprenticeships and work experience.

This scheme will enable the charity to provide a range of activities to disadvantaged children allowing them to work collaboratively, share, negotiate, resolve conflicts and to explore choice.

Lisa Cawdron, board member from the Star Trust added: “It’s fantastic that we can get involved and provide these children with much needed summer holiday classes. I think it’s really important to teach them social and communication skills.”

The youth projects’ holiday play scheme is a cohesive and stabilising influence, especially in communications where young children are more vulnerable to becoming victims or involved in criminal or anti-social activities over the summer holidays.

The charity also acts as a central venue to unite the divide amongst the villages, acting as a hub and an entry point which other services can access more marginalised children and parents in a non-stigmatising and neutral space. For more information head to

Star Trust has been donating to East-Midlands based charities for over four years having donated over £500,000 to help support charities in the region. To find out more about Star Trust